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We are dedicated to providing quality products and services to the community in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.
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Our environment has provided us with a limited amout of resources. In order to preserve those resources, we must take steps in becoming independent from them. At zeitchick BY DESIGN, we work hard to ensure that our products reduce the amount of resources required to perform daily functions. We introduce more electronic functions into the day to day routine, elimintating the need for printing. By utilizing the capabilities of third party vendors who offer electronic solutions to their products, such as invoicing, we can handle most tasks utilizing electronic data interchange (EDI) which not only increases production time, but reduces the need to create hard copies, again reducing the amount of resources required to accomplish your tasks.

We also provide complete automation between systems, allowing for smaller staff sizes which promotes increased accuracy and control over your data.
our History
zeitchick BY DESIGN is a cluster of independent individuals and organizations, coming together to provide the best quality products and services to you. We are diverse in our areas of specialty and can provide all of the assistance you require, from software creation to website design, and more. We have been providing software services since 1989 and have improved quality and performance for many organizations by integrating their systems, eliminating the missing pieces.

We are a small company with big ideas and an even bigger set of skills. We are certified in many areas of technology which guarantees you the best products on the market. Since we are a scattered group of specialists, we don't utilized the office environment to conduct our business. Since our work environment is flexible, we are able to work for you wherever you need us. This enables us to offer competitive pricing to the community, helping you increase your bottom line.